standing alone

Confessions of A Newbie Contributor

My stomach is creaking and groaning like planks in an old wooden porch. I am restless fingers and a timid heart. They hover above the keyboard tentative. Backspace devours the words as fast as I get them down. Nothing comes out right. I’ve imagined what my words would look like spread out a bit more. I keep a tiny corner of the internet with a readership I know mostly by name. But I dream in those quiet hours, when the clacking of my keyboard staves off the dark, that my words might find purpose in the wider world. I've wondered what they would sound like stretched wider across the internet and I’ll tell you, I’m a teeny bit terrified. I’ve always known you never arrive. You never get to a point where you look around and think, “Yes, I’ve got this whole writing thing down. I’m set.” No, … [Read More...]

grace glue.jpg

Five Minute Friday: Glue

I thought grace too insubstantial to really resurrect the sinner. Grace seemed the scarcest of things. The gossamer kind of covering that never really got much done but looked pretty in the right light. It was the forgiver of dark night’s confession and the amnesia card played so God would forget all the terrible things we do and think and are. I … [Read More...]

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In Which I Would’ve Hated This Book: Spiritual Misfit

  My friend, Michelle DeRusha wrote a book I would have hated in the fledgling days of faith. My opinion wouldn’t have been based on her writing, which slips easily between comedy confessional and poignant truth, a feat that is hard to do for the best of writers.  My dislike would have stemmed from my gut reaction to her own fear and … [Read More...]

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An Announcement, A Celebration, and A Good Long Ugly Cry.

I have big exciting news. This post was supposed to be me sharing that. I tried to write it all day. But I couldn’t. So, I gave up and realized that sometimes when you write and it comes out differently than you planned, it just might be the elixir for what ails you. This is that. The moments of grief crash hard at inopportune times, like … [Read More...]