Five Minute Friday: Grace

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Maybe you were the one with 12 blog posts all lined up in drafts but you’ve never quite been able to push the publish button because these words may cost you. They may wake you up at night and follow your feet as you pitter patter this way and that, but you can’t shake their tail.

They may make you scared and brave all at the same time. You may walk that line and find at times, you can’t even tell the difference.

Because brave and scared always go together. They travel in a pack, hunting you down. And you can’t shake that call of the wild. The adventure that awaits when you finally let your words free and believe that they matter.

Maybe you’re the girl who packed up lunches and lined the freezer with dinners and stacked clothes for each day right down to the socks that never find a match. Maybe you kissed lidded eyes in batman jammies as you tiptoed out into the dark with your approved carry-on banging into your leg with the weight of this thing you’re about to do. Maybe your husband drove you to the airport and you were giddy and somber because how will you explain to your regular friends, how attending a bloggers conference changed your life when they don’t even understand why you blog?

Maybe you’re the girl with the platform and the twitter list that fills with 140 characters streams all starting with your handle. And your voice has been heard and spread and sold and embraced and misunderstood and you’re out there for the world to see but you hope they just see you. A girl with a voice and a story, a girl who still feels awkward when you’re deciding which jeans to wear and when you forgets a name or a face, you know it will mean more to the one who now thinks they’re faceless. And so you try hard to remember it all, because you’re  just a girl too.

And maybe you’re the girl who wonders at it all, who is asking the questions and wrestling with the dreams that terrify and make you tremble and you’re not sure about Blogger or WordPress and you’re not sure you’ll have anything to say in either of those places. So you’re stalling.

And maybe you are the one who isn’t the the best at anything and maybe you are the one who is . And can there be grace for both? Can we just allow everyone to heed God’s call and do their thing without caring so much how it makes what you’re doing seem?

And you’ll have to learn grace, or your words will be recalled someday. You’ll give an account for the things you said in His name. So you’ll backspace a lot. And close the lid of your laptop and walk away. You’ll leave some comment boxes bare and be better for it. You’ll sip coffee and ask for prayer. You pour the coffee and you dream in the wide stretches.You find your voice sounds the most beautiful when you’re cheering other’s on. You find you’re never at a loss for words when you’re asking how someone else is.

You find grace for your gifts and claim them one by one. You look for them in others and find them every single time. You see God move.


You know the rules and if you don’t you’re missing out. Every Friday we gather and write like the wild artists we are. We believe for a at least 5 minutes that our words matter. And then, we trust each other to steward them well in this community of grace-laden writers. Come and join in. We all write without edits, backtracking, overthinking, and the pressures of getting it perfect. Some weeks are better than others but I’ll tell you a secret, the more weeks you do, the faster the words will flow. So jump in over at Lisa Jo’s and play along. See you there? The prompt is grace. 


  1. says

    I’m the one who’s not the best at anything…and you know what? He’s teaching me to love that because it’s who I am. :) Love these words today…and the heart behind them. Yes, there is grace. For all. Happy Friday, friend! :)

  2. says

    Grace for each stage of life is a monumental gift. Thank you for addressing it all and for reminding me that it’s not always best to say what’s on my mind right away. Grace can be found in the closing, the walking away, the shifting.

  3. says

    I’ve never been to a blogging conference (too much of a newbie), but just the thought of it creates a pit in my stomach! But it really shouldn’t, should it? Because there is grace for me and grace for you and for everyone else. We are all, after all, His beloved creations – each one with a different design and purpose. :)

  4. says

    Isn’t there always Grace – if we look for it… and hold it out for free? LOVE this – and you! And yes… let’s talk serious about this PNW thing… I’m praying into it, my friend!

  5. says

    You find your voice sounds the most beautiful when you’re cheering other’s on. You find you’re never at a loss for words when you’re asking how someone else is. Beautiful!! And Powerful!! So blessed to know you!! Have wonderful trip and praying for you friend.

  6. says

    Dear Alia Joy
    Oh, for all of us who are so often bogged down by insecurities, there is a well filled with enough grace to quench our thirst and ample to hand out to those around us. Grace is not for those who think they have it all together!
    Blessings XX

  7. christywillard says

    “Can we just allow everyone to heed God’s call and do their thing without caring so much how it makes what you’re doing seem?” Sometimes I catch myself worrying about what everyone else is doing. I appreciate your words. I take them as reminders of grace I desire to give others and receive for myself.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  8. says

    Love, love, love your pairing of brave and scared! So often I think to be courageous means that I can’t be afraid too and that’s just not the case. Thanks for showing us the grace available to all of us in every stage of life, in every word we write (or don’t), and how we can give grace to others. Really good stuff, Alia!

  9. says

    I see me in almost every one of those women. And then I see you right there showing me brave and scared and urging me to grab their hands and take the plunge! You bless me so friend.

    PS – the side hug lunchtime conversation at Allume – God used you that day… He most certainly did.

  10. zippiknits says

    Grace is our way of accepting others like God Himself accepts them, as they are because they are His children, too. Nice writing, Gal!

  11. says

    “You find grace for your gifts and claim them one by one.” Slowly, I am learning to find the grace in the gifts He has given me. However, it is hard but I know it is where I need to be.

  12. says

    Alia Joy, these words are precious pearls strewn with grace and love. Thank you for seeing us. For understanding how we can be all of these women in a single day. For offering the gift of peace. It’s OK to be our sweet selves. There is grace enough to cover all. We can breathe easy. And there is plenty in the caring and sharing of friendship, fellowship and stories. Love this post! You are a joy-bringer to your sisters in faith, my friend. Blessings :) xx

  13. says

    Once again, I am laid bare by words that resonate in my own heart. To be the girl with a face that is remembered is what we are all longing for, it seems. I know that at my heart, I’m longing for feel significant. But you nailed how I feel about being at my best, feeling Never Out Of Words when I’m cheering others on. This heart-knowledge you have? It’s what makes YOU so beautiful with words and without.

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