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It’s Friday. Time to let the stress and busyness of this week roll right off and just let the words go. You know the drill.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..

OK, are you ready? Please give me your best five minutes on::: Beyond

They put their world into 140 character tweets, type their status’ in blue rimmed boxes and press update. Snap a shot and filter it into my world. And I weed through, waist deep. The chime of my iPhone beckoning me to some announcement. Some news.

I am mastering hashtags and @symbols and connection. I am making friends beyond the boundaries of my city, or my state, or my country. I am a world traveler, seeing into spaces where women rejoice with the births of their tiny pink bundles with blue and pink striped caps.

I share hot sidewalks with drippy ice cream cones and the chubby sticky fingers of youth and summer, pools and toenails painting in bright orange bloom.

I see little black dresses and painted lips and hair that can only be done with two hands and strong biceps and date nights and anniversaries and years shared between kids, and carpools, mortgages, and the Monday morning rush. So few make it these days but the ones who do smile proudly into bathroom mirrors, or across candlelit tables, cheek to cheek.  I say congratulations.

I feel  joy at this find, amidst the porcelain figurines and tacky gold frames,the vintage keys on heavy black frame, used to type messages, much like this one. I snap it into a frame and share.

I see chocolate-brown smiles and a flash of white teeth. These children from my sponsored kid’s countries. Maybe they are friends. Maybe they go to the same center and play the same ball game in the dusty brown field. And the continents collide and connect.  I press my finger and a heart appears.

And I hear the petitions. So many. Prayer, needs, emergencies, support. He is sick and can’t gain weight. His mama holds him to her, fragile like a baby bird, and leans hard into God. Please pray.

She needs direction, what will the Lord have her do, will you please pray with her? The meds are making her so very sick, her bones a weary mass beneath weather worn skin.

They are losing their home. Cardboard boxes surround them and the wood floor gleams empty.  Pray for wisdom and trust.

The ambulance just arrived, my mama heart pounds and prays and follows the swirling red lights in state’s stretched far, where wheat grows and sways like the sea. She wilts, dwarfed by her hospital bed but the prayers encase her. Later there are answers and smiles and relief, her curly matted hair bounding around her Snoopy scrubs like a halo.

She found blood, when no woman wants to bleed. With belly burgeoning and her face flushed. She sends a somber update. Tears flow. My heart knows this place and it breaks for her pain.  She is so far away. All I can do is pray.

A morse code of characters.  It is the modern world’s prayer chain.  Pray without ceasing. So I scroll. And click. And in it all, I say my prayers. For you and with you, though we’ve often never met, we will surely in the end. The whole earth is filled with His glory and everything can be used to worship.




  1. says

    Dang, Alia! I mean, dang! This is some mighty fine, take the wind right out of you, writing. I kept copying sentences to say were my favorite and then I’d read another one and it would be even better. Just wow with this visual – this peep hole through the Internet beyond borders into the lives of women the world over. This – this! “A morse code of characters. It is the modern world’s prayer chain.” Yes and wow and I think that’s the most beautiful image I’ve read of what it is we do. You’ve got a mighty fine free write going – don’t ever stop.


    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Lisa-Jo. I’m so blessed by the encouragement and the marvelous community to write with. You all inspire.

    • Alia Joy says

      Yeah, I’ve struggled with the idea that technology is overtaking our lives and the concept of being unplugged and I definitely think that there is a time when unplugging is necessary and should be used in moderation but I also see the tremendous blessing when we use it to channel into others hearts and hopes and lift our voices in prayer. I love the connection it’s brought to people like you and all of the five minute Friday voices sharing in that place as well as all the other social medias. We have technology, it should all glorify Him. Glad to be a part of it alongside you.

  2. says

    Amen, friend. Amen.
    Praying with you today as I filter through the noise and touch the souls of those beyond the 140 characters. So blessed by you! (and why don’t I stop by more often? note to self…)

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Nikki, it’s so hard to keep up with all the blogs I would like to so I totally get it but I’d love to have you around here when you can. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for joining me in prayer.

    • Alia Joy says

      Yes, it really is in how focused we are on God. When we are, everything points to His glory. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

  3. says

    “The modern day prayer chain”. I have this to be so true. I never dreamed the world that awaiting me beyond my IRL. There is such a close knit community of like-minded women here, women who have fought for me, prayed for me, blessed me far beyond what I could have ever thought. So thankful for your space!

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks so much Barbie. I really have found some amazing women here as well, yourself included. I am so blessed by the Five Minute Friday Community and all of the women I’ve met through blogging and social media, who are interlinked in one way or another. I’ve been blogging for almost 7 months and have made some very dear friends. God is so good.

  4. Wendy says

    “A morse code of characters. It is the modern world’s prayer chain. Pray without ceasing. ”
    I just love this picture you painted with your wonderful words on how we connect. We connect in every way we possibly can. Such a great reminder that on the other end of those 140 characters there is a real live person reaching out for that connection. So blessed by what you shared today. Thanks so much. Blessings!

    • Alia Joy says

      Wendy, I agree. There are so many ways in which our human experience is similar both in joys, trials, loss, and love. There is so much we can learn by coming together and prayer connects us in a way that nothing else can. So blessed to be able to see God’s hand in it all as well. Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. Blessed by you today.

  5. says

    Sometime you read something, like “My heart knows this place and it breaks for her” or “A morse code of characters. It is the modern world’s prayer chain. ” and I am honored and humbled to come to FMF with writers like you. It never ceases to amaze me that one word can take so many different journeys in the hands of several writers. Behold how good and pleasant it is….wow
    So glad I found you.
    Peace and good.

    • Alia Joy says

      Oh Chelle, your words humble me. I agree. There are so many ways in which God is working in us and through us and everyone’s story and words are so vital to our growth and connection. Every Friday I am blown away by the different channels God is speaking through one word. My only wish is that I’d have more time to read them all. So glad you visited this week. Hope to see you around these parts and on Fridays again.

  6. 4under4boys says

    I may never be able to find this site again (thats how illiterate I am!). So while I’m here enjoying the words that all of these ladies have posted I will add my nickles’ worth! I’ve read many posts on these web sites today. The ones that speak to me the most are the ones that expose their “ugly”!! The ones where we all see ourselves! We are all beautiful. We all are blessed by the realness of eachother. Who but God could take our ugly and use it to encourage others? I found this site by reading One Thousand Gifts. My list just got so much longer! Just when I thought that for sure that I’d lost my marbles I found gifts. You all are a gift!

    • Alia Joy says

      Well, I’m glad you wandered your way over here even if it’s just this once. I agree. I love the connection that happens when we let our scars and our real and our mess show and just accept that it is all grace. Thanks so much for your words here. They are a gift.

    • Alia Joy says

      Oh, we all have our weeks. ;) As far as positives go. Stick around, I’m a bummer a lot of the time. LOL. But for now, I’m glad that you have a smiley heart.

  7. says

    Pst, you’re my featured Five Minute Friday this week. Loved every beautiful syllable of poetry in this remarkable five minutes. What a gift to us to get to read it.

    Happy Monday!

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks so much Lisa-Jo. That is such an honor because I seriously love the gift you have with words and even more than that, the community you have created. It is so beautiful and as a fairly new blogger, I have been so blessed by it!

      I’ve been thinking about social media a lot lately as I balance family and blogging and all the social media things that come with it and I know I’ve had both experiences. Blessings such as this post and convictions such as this post I do see it as a wonderful resource for connection as long as we also connect with those directly around us. Both inRL and online. How wonderful we can have it both ways.

  8. says

    Just when I start to think I’ve seen or read the most creative, inspired thing…I see another. Your post and blog…so filled with God’s Spirit…just lovely…takes the breath away for a moment, then fills the lungs and heart with a circulating, inspiring, glorious light!

    I love it that you say God made coffee because he loves you; I love that he did that for you, because I am also a beneficiary.
    ~ Blessings upon you~

    • Alia Joy says

      Ha, I think God had many of us in mind when coffee was made! Thanks so much for visiting here and introducing yourself, I always love to meet new readers. And thanks for the kind words, it’s exactly what I hope shines through all my mess and struggles and self, Him and only Him. Blessings to you and I hope to see you again.

  9. Tanya Marlow says

    Love, love, loved this.

    Like others, I especially loved that last paragraph. It is the modern-day prayer chain, and I do find myself involved in a lot more intercessory prayer since I’ve been on Twitter. It looks so cold and technical, but it can be so spiritual. You expressed it so beautifully.

    Thanks, Lisa-Jo, for the recommendation!

    • Alia Joy says

      I agree! I’ve been on twitter since January and at first, I hated it. I had no followers because nobody I know in real life uses it and I was brand new to blogging so I only knew others through reading or following their sites. I kept getting random spammy egg people! But now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I’ve connected with some amazing people and made some genuine connections and yes, I do find that prayer requests and concerns come up a lot and it jogs my memory to invest a tiny bit of time lifting their needs to God. Thanks for stopping by here from Lisa-Jo’s. Hope to see you again.

  10. says

    Alia, you’ve left me nearly wordless again. This is just such beauty upon beauty! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and mind with us again. Can’t wait to tell you face to face how much these mean to me!

    • Alia Joy says

      Squeeeeeee! Me too! I’m so excited to put all the avatars and comments and tweets and amazing blogs together with in the flesh friends! You are a blessing, friend!


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