Jesus is not a Republican and Other Stuff I Believe

We are the world changers. The visionaries. We are the strongest political movement ever known. We have no borders or bounds.

We seek to establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility through  grace filled lives, serving hands, and faithful hearts.

We are the diplomats of grace.  The people with hands made to serve and hearts made to heal and branch out.

We are the vine gatherers, grasping with grace at those who are lost.

We are the warrior raising women, moms of boys who will proclaim truth in the loving of their wives and the raising of their families and the way in which they walk, upright with heavy steps that bear much weight.

We are the bearers of beauty, daughters who will grow to know their place in  God’s heart. Women with gentle spirits, contending in battle for wisdom, humility and purity. Wise as serpents but innocent as doves.  The daughters of God who will bear a new generation of Kingdom changers.

We are the guardians of hearts and minds, pouring our grace words into spirit children and planting them deep in His fold.

We are the lovers of justice, providing nourishment to the poor, advocates for the defenseless,  defenders of the weak.

We are the mighty archers, aiming arrows sharpened and ready at an enemy that is neither democrat or republican, pro-choice or liberal, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. 

We fight on our knees with hands raised to the heavens.

We fight with our hearts burdened by love for those who are lost.

We  may cast our vote, we may carry our sign, stay informed, rally for the candidate we want to support,  or speak our mind, but still we know where the ultimate ruler reigns.  Because we have never really belonged here. We are expats for a season,  in a world that is not our own.

We see with sharpened eyes, all’s grace. All is grace.

We know the cost. We have seen our passport stamped and paid for in blood. Citizens of grace.

We are the ambassadors of a new Kingdom.


While I was at Blissdom, I had the chance to meet with CafeMom correspondent Lindsay Ferrier to do an interview on where I stand as a Christian, homeschooling mom, and small business owner in the realm of politics, public opinion, and education.

It was lovely to meet with her and represent what I believe a lot of Christians feel. While many of us are involved deeply in politics and government, we should never forget that we are Christians first and foremost. Our witness to the world says more than the sign in our front yard.

Jesus is not a Republican. This world’s politics are too limiting for a Holy and infinite God.  I may ruffle some feathers, but there, I said it.

That being said, I am a writer, and talking on camera was a big leap out of my comfort zone and only slightly more traumatic than that dream where I showed up at a homeschool co-op in my underpants.

Besides accidentally going to the wrong lobby and missing the car to take me to the interview, having to run across the Gaylord Opryland Hotel which is ginormous, grabbing a taxi, and  being late, I managed to babble a few coherent sentences on what I believe. Lyndsay was gracious and professional, and I couldn’t have asked for a better interviewer for this camera shy introvert. You can view it here.

What is your stance on politics as a Christian? What do you think our responsibility is to the world in regards to our government? Do you feel like secular culture  views  all Christians and angry, narrow-minded bigots? Or do you think society has a different view of Christians? What is your experience?



  1. says

    When it comes to politics or anything else for that matter I don’t believe that if you are a Christian or Muslim or Jew that those titles even need to be spoken. People will know you by your actions always. NOT by what you call yourself. Your beliefs lead you to act in certain ways and if you are a follower of Jesus’ teachings then I believe that you will always act in truth and for the betterment of all.

  2. says

    I loved hearing your heart heart and just hearing your voice. You did a wonderful job and were so well spoken! I love what you wrote at the beginning. That is so empowering! You have a way with words my friend!

  3. HannahRuthie says

    I applaud you for saying those words, “Jesus is not a Republican…” One of my FB friends recently bombarded his followers with link after link condemning abortion. The links were most often condemning the women who chose abortion as well. My first son was born almost four years before my husband and I decided to marry, so we had been presented with a big “Oh geez…” moment, but never did it ever cross my mind to end the opportunity that had been presented to me. I had always hoped to be a mom. However. As the years went on, women close to me began to share their stories. Horror stories with no resolution, no healing. Shame. Pain. Regret at a decision to which there was no going back. That opportunity, in the form of their child, is. now. gone. And only years later, when the fear guised as practicality clears, some are unnaturally hard and cynical. Others continue to be raw. Words of judgment slice them both through to the core, laying them open over and over. This is why I choose to be politically quiet. For my friends who have to walk through that decision for the rest of their lives to find some form of healing. Because which one of us hasn’t been the recipient of undeserved grace?

    • Alia Joy says

      Hannah, thanks. It cost me a small handfull of subscribers. Oh well, they obviously didn’t get the message of what I was trying to say if they were offended over that. I am totally against abortion as a Christian and believe everyone is created in God’s image and has infinite value. I do wish our laws would do more to protect that right and I’m not against people who vote their conscience. I think we should, as best as we see fit, vote according to our values and convictions.

      That being said, the women who suffer with the guilt, shame, or hardened hearts are also made in His image and need grace and healing, not a bunch of political rhetoric aimed at tearing them apart. I often think of the woman at the well or the one caught in adultery and think if Jesus reacted the way many Christians today do, they would have been given a stern lecture from a self-righteous hypocrite on a soapbox instead of an invitation to abundant everlasting grace and new life.

  4. says

    Alia, I love this post! I couldn’t agree more and it irks me to no end that so many believe that to be a Christian is to be Republican. Why don’t we all get a little more discerning about issues and vote accordingly issue-by-issue instead of automatically diverting to party lines? Ugh.

    You are a fantastic writer, and obviously very intelligent AND gracious. Thanks for representing us so well. I loved your interview too. Very well spoken! x

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Adriel. I appreciate it. It seems that it is changing to a certain degree. At least I hope. I did get a few angry emails over this, telling me I was supporting baby killers, or that I was stupid. Gotta love that one. Lol. But I think some Christians know that our government, all governments, are systems of this world and therefore are intrinsically broken. We’ll never really have a perfect party because everything here is flawed by our sin. I agree that we need to vote our conscience and I think we do Christianity a big disservice if we’re not even willing to have a dialogue. “Your stupid!” send email, seems kind of counterproductive to that, especially when they are anonymous. And yes, they did write “your,” which was awesome.


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